A dinosaur visits for National Poetry Day!

 The character was created around 2 years ago by author Judy Brulo when she was telling her grandchildren, Kaia and Taio Bryan (currently in Year 5) bedtime stories. She desperately wanted the children to love books and reading and thought maybe they would be inspired to read if the stories were written by their very own grandmother. And it worked!

And it’s not just Taio and Kaia that have loved hearing about Brack’s adventures. During Judy and Brack’s visit, the children had a fantastic time singing songs to welcome Brack to their school, using musical instruments to accompany a dramatic retelling of the story and even creating lovely little dance routines to songs about the cheeky and slightly plump dinosaur.  

All in all the children had a fantastic time celebrating National Poetry Day and Judy has even set them the challenge of creating an image of the Phantom Wurzle Scrumbler, a character that features in one of Judy’s poems. I wonder how they will celebrate the day next year!