Harvest Festival

The children and staff worshipped together seated around the school hall, with a huge contribution of food for the Bourne Foodbank, as the focus in the centre of the hall. Each Year group brought their own contribution of food as well as special performances.

Year 1 sang ‘Do You Want To Drive My Tractor?’ to the tune of ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ showing some of the many jobs that farmers do.

Year 2 told and acted the story of the Little Red Hen to emphasise the need to work together and share the load.

Year 3, dressed as farmers, gave us a fantastic performance, highlighting the providence of our food and celebrating the way Farmers “feed everybody” and the importance of “water, water, water” to grow crops and hydrate the cattle!

Miss Swanson reminded us of the reasons that Christians hold Harvest Festivals: to thank God for his creation and plentiful harvest of the field. We also thought about the need to ‘Respect and care for the world around us.’

We ended our Collective Worship with thank-you prayers read by some of the children.