Our Victorian Circus Day

Barnum and Bailey had a hugely popular and successful circus that had a wide variety in acts and performances. The first circus they created was outside, however due to weather complications and capacity of their outside venue they decided to invest in a place of their own – Astley’s theatre in London which still stands and can be visited today.

During Barnum and Bailey's Circus at Astley’s theatre, there were at least ten displays including aquatic acts, aerialists, elephants and an equestrian act featuring 70 horses performing in the ring at once.

We had a taster using some of the equipment to create our own Victorian circus. We practised spinning plates, juggling, pushing a stick and hoop, catching using a cup and ball, and diablo tricks. We also rode a penny farthing bicycle and watched a unicycle performance. It was an amazing experience and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!