Take a walk on the wild side!

The children were amazed at Nick’s animal adventures around the world. The Year 2’s impressed him with their animal vocabulary from Year 1 such as amphibians, herbivores and extinct. We were amazed that there was a tortoise that lived to be 178 years old! We learnt some new information such as pelicans having the largest beaks and a giraffe being the tallest animal in the world!

He also showed us some pictures of wildlife in and around Bourne such as barn owls, which links to Year 1’s topic ‘It was on a starry night’. Did you know that kingfishers used to nest at the Wellhead in Bourne?

We were shown a picture of a plastic bag in the sea and Benjamin from Year 2 said, ‘A turtle just thinks that it is a jellyfish, it doesn’t know it is a plastic bag so the turtle eats it and gets poorly’. Nick finished the presentation by reminding us that we need to respect the world and to never litter, which links to our 3 R’s and Christian Values. There were some photos that could be purchased from Nick, have a look at Lewis who was really pleased with the picture he chose!