Friendship Week

Through a variety of activities, the children have explored the theme of ‘All Different, All Equal’ in alliance with the National Anti-Bullying Week, coordinated by the Anti Bullying Alliance.  Friendship is an integral part of our school’s ethos of Respect and one of our Christian values so the pupils have embraced the activities and learning that have taken place during the week. KS1 children have been creating Friendship jigsaw puzzles and exploring the theme of friendship in stories such as Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted.


Year 3 children looked at songs which illustrated elements of how to be a good friend and why people need friends: You got a friend by Carole king  and You've got a friend in me by Andy Newman. This led to making our own recipe for friendship.

Year 5 have been discussing the effect of unkind words and the impact of prejudice on people’s lives - using apples to show how kind or unkind words affect us on the inside, whilst contemplating how they can change behaviours and eliminate judgements.  


Well done to the pupils for making our school such a friendly place!