KS1 E-Safety Workshops – Captain Digi!

First, we learnt to change our voice, our name and our pictures that we use for profiles / playing games online. For example, using an avatar or a picture of the sunset. To get onto the game in the first place, we need a password to get on the computer! We learnt that passwords should be easy to remember, but hard for others to guess. We suggested ideas such as animals, countries, colours and then putting numbers on the end to make it even harder to guess. We learnt that we would not put our animals name, our names or our address as our password because it could be easy to guess! To play in the game we had to be a sailor and we created different voices, faces and a special name to be able to take part! Whilst playing the game, someone sent a nasty message and we learnt to block, screenshot and report. We could report our problem to a trusted grown up or teacher.