Certificates of Total Exemption from School

The entire population of England was obliged to send its children to school until they were ten years old, when they could obtain an educational certificate entitling them to leave. Below you will see an exemption from school certificate.

Arthur Emmitt

Bourne Children in their Sunday Best c1912

Extracts from School Log Book

26th April 1910

The order of the lessons in Class II must be altered to make it possible for each class to have the piano.

Recitation – Monday 3:35-4

Singing – Tuesday 3:35-4

Singing – Wednesday 3:10-3:35

Writing – Wednesday 3:35-4

Singing – Thursday 3:35-4

Games – Thursday 3:10-3:35

Story – Friday 3:35-4

29th April 1910

The attendance on Tuesday was very low on account of a rainstorm which prevented the children from returning to school in the afternoon.

17th June 1910

Nora Wall from Girls School has been helping the teacher of Class II as there are now over 70 in the class.

20th July 1910

Mr Wherry has kindly given all the teachers in the Girls & Infants a ticket to go to London to visit the “White City”.

NB: White City is a district in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and forms the northern part of Shepherd’s Bush. The area now called White City was level arable farm fields until 1908, when it was used as the site of the Franco-British Exhibition and the 1908 Summer Olympics.  In 1910 the exhibition site hosted the Japan-British Exhibition.

29th Nov 1910

The attendance this morning was very poor, 107 being present on account of the snow storm which threatened this afternoon, the children have come out a little better.

2nd Dec 1910

The attendance today is very poor, only 92 present.  The streets are flooded and it is not fit for little ones to come out.  As so few children are present the usual occupations are not taken and the time-table is not observed.

The children have learnt some Christmas Recitations and are now making paper balls and flowers to decorate the school on the “Open Day” & “Children’s Day”.

22nd Dec 1910

The children had their Christmas Tree and a few Mothers came to see it.  They enjoyed it very much.

23rd Dec 1910

Today, school closes at noon for Christmas.  The school will reopen on January 2nd.  Mr Wherry gave the Infants oranges and said a few words to them.

31st Mar 1911

The attendance this week has been satisfactory until today when it is poor.  Many of the children have gone to Stamford Fair.

21st Dec 1911

Mr Wherry has promised to visit the school on Friday 22nd and will distribute the usual supply of oranges to the children.  The school has been decorated all the week.  Today we took down the decorations and give them to those children who brought money for the bass and scarves.  The decorations have been left on the tree and will be kept on till school reopens.  The Christmas tree will be then used for lessons.  Tonight the children will get their cards and sweets.

1st Mar 1912

We closed school at 3:30pm as a Wild Beast Show is visiting the town.  Mr Wherry gave us 2/- to give to the children to enable some of them to go to the Show.

4th Mar 1912

On Friday Mr Wherry gave me 2/- to pay for 8 children going to the “Wild Beast Show” We gave the money to some of the poorer children who could not go and who have very few treats.

28th June 1912

I, Isobel M Halley cease my work in this school as Head Mistress.

1st July 1913

I, Vivian A Rudder today take charge of this school.

16th Sep 1912

I, this day, commence duties as Head Mistress of this Department. Elizabeth J James.

14th July 1913

The caretaker did not leave the key to open the school.  He was not on the premises, so the Head Assistant was forced to make a journey to his house, which is some distance from the school in order to obtain it.

22nd May 1913

Empire Day celebrated today.  The National Flag was made the basis of the Handwork lessons.  Classes I & II sang “Rule Britannia” and God Save the King”.

26th June 1913

Acting on the advice of the Medical Officer and C Satterly Esq the 1st Class was not marked present in the afternoon on account of the discover of many cases of Scarlet Fever in the said class.

The school will be closed for three weeks on account of an outbreak of Scarlet Fever.

12th Nov 1915

I, Elizabeth J James cease duties as Head Mistress in this school.

15th Nov 1915

I, Mabel B Daws, commence duties as Head Mistress in this school.

27th July 1916

I visited the school and found the children in a clean & apparently healthy condition – the smaller children appeared to be very happy in their work.  I think if the parents in one or two instances only could be notified that if the children’s clothing were assured to better – they would present a better appearance.

30th Nov 1916

Elsie & Megan B’s marks were cancelled because their mother fetched them away from school at 2:30 to see the “Somme” film.

19th Feb 1917

There was no coal to heat the schools today – the children sat in their coats and were given physical exercises at frequent intervals to keep them warm.

17 Jan 1919

Script writing has been introduced in all classes.  I & II write with pencils on plain paper & III & IV with chalk on slates.

30th May 1919

My engagement as Headmistress of this school ceases today. M B Daws

2nd June 1919

I, Mary Gould Brewitt am acting as Temporary Head of this school, throughout the month of June, in the absence of a Head Mistress and until Miss Burridge arrives.


 Headteacher with children

Head Teacher, Mr Davies, drives the cart in the Empire Day parade 22nd May 1914

An unknown teacher with his class c1918

Grantham Journal News Article 28th August 1915