Thirty-Five Years in One School

When the Bourne Boys' Council School broke up on Wednesday for the Christmas holidays, Mr T W H Harrison terminated his long period of service at the school. Mr Harrison commenced teaching at the school in 1888 and is now retiring on superannuation. Before the school was dismissed, the headmaster, Mr H Goy, presented Mr Harrison with a barometer for which the scholars and staff contributed, and he referred to the long association of Mr Harrison with the school and wished him a long and happy retirement. Mr Harrison suitably acknowledged the gift.

- news item from the Stamford Mercury, Friday 21st December 1923.

Football Club Players

A list of the boys in the football team c1920


Certificates of Total Exemption from School

Certficate ofTotal Exemption from School



Certificate of Exemption from school

Labour Certificate

Labour Certificate Page 1

Labour Cerficate Page 2

Transfer Note

Transfer Note

10th January 1926

Below is a transcript of a letter received from Mrs Osborn to the Headmaster of the school in 1926 when left handed children were made, it is believed, to write with their right hand.

West Street


Dear Sir

I am afraid you will find Jack very backward at his work as his attandance at school has been irregular owing to ill health.  However he is strong and well now and I suggest that he is placed in Std I or II until his reading which is his weakest subject improves.  I should also like to mention that he is left handed, and would be grateful if you would mention this fact to his teacher so that she will not force him to use his right hand.

I am

Yrs truly

A Osborn

Scholar's Transfer Form

Scholars Transfer Form