School Band

 School Band

This photograph taken in the school playground in 1936 shows pupils of the senior class, aged 10-11, who were also members of the percussion band and carrying their instruments with the triangle and kettle drum much in evidence.  The picture was supplied by Trevor Pool of Halifax, Yorkshire, who is in the group, second from the left in the extreme back row.  The headmaster at this time was Mr Harry Goy and the mistress in charge of this class was Mrs Moss.  Other names of pupils that he remembers are Mary Cliffe (seated on the left of the front row), Sandall, Godfrey, Dunn, Betts, Cox, Maddison, Pick and Bloodworth.

Grantham Journal News Article 18th July 1936

School Medical Office Visit

 Medical Officer Form


Lincolnshire Echo News Article 7th May 1934

Guardians of Bourne Workhouse



School Report 1935

Below is a school report for John Smith on 31st July 1935.

School Report for John Smith.

Report on Attendance, Conduct and Progress from a previous school

 David Monk

Lesson Work

David Monk's lesson work on possessives in 1936.

School Report from a previous school.

 School Report

David Monk's school report in 1936.

 School Report

David Monk's school report for 1937 from his previous school.