Coronation Celebration

Pupils celebration the Queen's Coronation in 1952.

 Classroom of pupils and their teacher

Classroom of children and their teacher in 1950

Punishment Book

 Punishment Book distribution letter.

 The Bourne Junior County School punishment book has a date commenced from June 1950.


Nature of Offence & Punishment

Bad behaviour at dinner - 2 strokes on hand

Continual talking in class - 1 stroke on hand

Used bad language because his team was losing - 2 strokes on hand



Nature of Offence and Punishment

Climbing into Secondary Modern garden after warnings - (several pupils) 2 strokes each

Insolence to dinner helper - 3 on seat


Nature of Offence and Punishment

Squirting water at table - 2 on hands

Nusiance to Deputy Head - 2 on hands

For playing marbles on road after repeated warnings - (two pupils) 1 stroke each on hand


Nature of Offence and Punishment

Taking 6d out of child's desk and spending same on biscuits - 3 strokes on seat

Ofsted in the 1950s

The link below is an H.M. Inspectors Report for 1953.

  1. H.M. Inspectors Report 1953