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Lincolnshire Free Press - 1985

Lifeboat AppealPupils Boost County Lifeboat Appeal

SPECIAL efforts have been made by Bourne Ladies Lifeboat Guild to contribute funds to the Lincolnshire Lifeboat Appeal.

Local schools were contacted earlier in the year. Area organisor Mr Swallow showed many of them a film about the Lifeboat Service and talked to the children about the service.

Bourne's Abbey Road County Primary School headmaster Mr Wright contributed to the effort by holding an art/story writing competition for lower and upper juniors.

Prizes were donated by Nationwide Anglia building Society and the RNLI. winners were: Art, upper juniors: Gavin, Richard, Melainie. Story writing, upper juniors: Joanne, Joanna, Richard. Art, lower juniors: Paul, Neil, Ben. Story Writing lower juniors: Aimi, Paula, Helen. Eighteen highly commended youngsters received coloured RNLI posters.

Mr Mclean, manager of the Nationwide Anglia branch office in Bourne, presented the prizes at morning assembly last Tuesday.

The Classified 19th December 1985

Christmas in school

Christmas in school

THE pupils of Bourne County Primary School got the festive season off to a colourful flying start then they staged 'Christmas Allsorts' recently.  About 160 of the school's 420 children were involved in three musical plays and the choir's carol singing.

Here some of the top infants aged between six and seven years, appear in a scene from their production of 'The Visit of the Snow Queen'.

In the foreground we have Mr Icicle, Laura Bailey hanging on to the Snow Queen's sleigh, with Simone playing the star role and holding tightly to the reins of her mighty reindeer, Richard.

Behind them Mischief Maker, Richard, tries to hold Santa Claus, Marcus, back from performing the vital task of delivering the presents.

The first year class staged the family favourite 'Cinderella' while the second years chose the highly original 'Stalemate', putting the theme of love and sharing at Christmas across through the squabbles of a set of chess pieces.

Over 240 parents and friends crammed into the school hall to watch the seasonal extravaganza performed.  "It was a marvellous occasion. We got as many people in as possible and it turned out very well.  It really sets the scene for Christmas," said headmaster, Mr Wright.

8th October 1988

Children brickies

Young Brickies for a Day

BOURNE County Primary School children became "brickies" on Friday.  A class of 9 to 10 year olds carrying out a project on building at the school gained first-hand experience of the building trade when they were taken on a tour of a development site by Allison Homes.

After visiting a brick factory in Stamford, the lucky youngsters were shown around the Spalding-based builder's Cheriton Park development at North Road, Bourne.

Allisons kitted-out the pupils in hard hats before their tour and took care to mention safety aspects, especially concerning children on building sites.  But the best part of the visit came when the children were allowed to try their hand at bricklaying and inspect the "diggers".  And to complete the successful tour, sales manager for Allison's Mr Jones presented certificates to the chiildren who had produced the best building design and plans.

Lincolnshire Free Press, Tuesday, February 14, 1989

Wishing Stone children.

Wishing Stone 'Hit'

BOURNE County Primary School youngsters were singing in the corridors last week when they presented a musical to parents.  All first and second year junior classes, totalling 137 pupils, took part in "The Wishing Stone", a story of children sho go hunting for a cure for their sick father.

Headteacher Mr Wright said that the children made their costurmes with help from teachers, painted the stage backdrop, and collected props.

The musical involved the school choir, orchestra, plus actign and miming, and a total of 400 parents and friends wated the performances on Wednesday dn Thursday evenings.

Special programmes were printed at the school and colored by children, with the whole production being put together in just four weeks.

  • Last week was doubly important for the school, because a parent teacher accociation was formed.  After a meeting on Monday, Mr Richardson became the first Chairman of Abbey Road P.T.F.A.  The newly formed association went into action on both nights of the musical, selling cakes and raised the £100 for its kitty.  Mr Wright said the association would raise funds for the school and organise eductional evenings.
  • On Monday the school will be closed for "Baker Day" - when all teachers will discuss the English curriculum and evaluate computer software at the school.  Mr Wright added it was important parents understand what happens during Baker Days.  "They all think we sit around making bread!" he joked.  Five of these days take place during the school year.  This is the final one in the school year.

Lincolnshire Free Press 11th July 1989

Teddy Bears Picnic children

Teddy's Picnic

IF YOU went down to Bourne's Abbey Road School on Sunday you were sure of a big surprise!

For Bourne branch of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) was holding a teddy bear's picnic to raise funds for the organisation.  Best dressed teddy prize went to Ruth T.  Ruth M won the afternoon's treasure hunt and a £5 voucher.

On Thursday the branch is holding an evening of midsummer music at Bourne Corn Exchange.  Youngsters from Bourne County Primary School will entertain the audience.

Downpour Stops Games

Children during sports day.TORRENTIAL rain disrupted Bourne County Primary School's junior sports on Wednesday.  Around 290 children took part, but could only complete just over half of the races.

Headmaster, Mr Wright was disappointed that it was rained off, but said that they hope to complete the races on Thursday when Bourne vicar, the Rev John Warwick, will present the shield.

The school house cores before raid stopped play were: Canary 87, Kingsfisher 80, Linnets 61 and Robin 53.















































































































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