After School Clubs

We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities open to the children at Bourne Abbey, run by a dedicated team of teachers and coaches. We hope there is something for everyone. The wide range of activities is all part of a core philosophical aim to broaden children’s learning and to value a breadth of achievement. Our aim is to help the children to find their personal strengths and a love of learning in all its forms. Most clubs are free of charge, but some are fee paying for specialised coaching sessions by outside providers.

Clubs are run three times a year on a two term basis: Terms 1 & 2, September - December; Terms 3 & 4, January - March; Terms 5 & 6, April - July. This is so that children can try out different clubs. Some clubs are open to different Year Groups.  Clubs normally start the second week.

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