Collective Worship

What does Collective Worship mean to us?

Within our school we believe that Collective Worship is a highly valued part of the school day in which the whole school community comes together in a ‘time to breathe’. Just as breathing is vitally important to life itself, we believe Collective Worship is as important to us as it gives all of us opportunities to offer and interact with worship to God in a diverse and age-appropriate way.

Our Collective Worship aims to inclusive, invitational and inspiring to all.

We use acts of Collective Worship, Religious Education, our Christian Values, the 3 Rs ethos, British Values, the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme and UNICEF across the school to enhance our SMSC development.

Collective Worship takes place daily in many forms and contributes significantly towards our children’s spiritual development. We understand that time for reflection during Collective Worship and at other times during the day is an essential part of developing our children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) awareness.

Our Collective Worship Council keep a record of different adult and children's reflections following all collective worships and even some RE lessons.  These are recorded on our school Padlets which you can access and view by clicking these links:

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Our Collective Worship Council hold an important role in our school.  Made up from a child in each year group throughout the school their main aims are:

  • To play an active role in planning, leading and evaluating Collective Worship.
  • To support the development of Bourne Abbey as a Church School.

Please read our most recent Newsletters and the latest Collective Worship Council Minutes


  4. Collective Worship Policy Oct 2019
  5. Minutes Meeting 6.12.19