Early Years

 Nursery Garden'Secure foundations for later learning.'

The Early Years Foundation Stage consists of the Kindergarten which offers sessional and all day care (51 weeks of the year) for children aged 2~4 years, the Nursery which provides a variety of accommodating options for 3~4 year olds (51 weeks of the year) and the Reception classes for 4~5 year olds.

Wrap around care is available through fee-paying sessions.

The three Early Years settings work very closely together to ensure all children receive the best possible start to their school life and have secure foundations for later learning.

Reception, Nursery and Kindergarten share a common vision:


We endeavour to give your child the best start to their formal education,  Each child is respected as an individual and given the chance to grow and develop at his/her own pace.  We believe in having a positive approach towards the children so they are highly motivated, thrive and love their learning.

For more information click the link below to read: A Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework


Parents/carers are children's first and most enduring educators.  The support and encouragement you give are important throughout your child's life, and especially during the early years.  The Early Years Foundation team work closely with parents/carers and welcome their involvement.  We have introductory "Welcome to Nursery and Reception" meetings and curriculum evenings at the start of the school year.  Parents/carers are kept informed by newsletters which outline the topics we cover each term and give details of special events and outings.  We recognise that when parents/carers and school work together this has a positive impact on the children's development and learning.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage your child will embark on an incredible learning journey, full of exciting and stimulating experiences that lay firm foundations for the rest of their school life.

  1. EYFS Parents Guide