Equal Opportunities Statement

Roman Topic - Milling wheat in Year 4It is the elements of Excellence and Enjoyment that define our school.

The staff of Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy fully endorse Lincolnshire County Council's Equal Opportunities Policy both in its commitment to preventing discrimination and to its active promotion of equal opportunities regardless of race, social class, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or age.

In order for this to happen we strive to provide an environment in which everybody is valued and respected, where the individual needs are catered for and their differences are viewed positively.

We believe that it is the right of every child to receive an education that:

  • Values and respects the particular characteristic and diversity of the learners cultural background and experience in terms of race, gender, social group and special educational needs.
  • Is broad - going beyond the academic and enhancing the learner's personal and social development.
  • Is balanced - giving due emphasis to all curriculum areas.
  • Is effective - promotes access to learning needs and the teaching methods and learning strategies required to support all pupils successfully.

We place great importance on collective participation in the work of the school.  Through sharing ideas and working collaboratively, we aim to create an atmosphere where all children, staff, parents and carers are respected and listened to.  We value contributions parents and carers make through their own culture and experiences and take measures to ensure that all have equal access to contributing to the life of the school.

We constantly underscore the value of friendship and trust.