Homework Guide

 Homework ~ Working Together

Helping with homework and being involved is beneficial to your child's education and rewarding for you both!

Education Involvement

Here at Bourne Abbey parent/carers' involvement in their child's education is greatly encouraged.  We have many opportunities for you to come into school and see the fantastic achievements made by your children.



Our Take Care homework really engages the children, they enjoy having a choice of homework to complete and we ALWAYS love seeing their creations here in school.

Benefits of helping

  • Helping with homework improves your child's chances of success in school
  • Parents that help are taking an active part in their child's education, which gives them a better knowledge of how the child is taught in school.
  • Helping can develop a child's confidence, sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Parents who take an interest have a better knowledge of work that their child is doing in school.

Learning Through Play

Games, in particular, board games, are an excellent way of learning through play.  Beneficial games include: Scrabble, picture and normal dominoes, games requiring dice, cards and counting games.

Everyday Out and About

Shopping with children is an excellent way to encourage your child to learn monetary value and maths.  Let your child handle small change and work out how much they would need to buy something and how much change they will be given in return.  On a journey 'I Spy' helps children to look at their surroundings and the environment.