STAFF LIST 2017-2018
Executive Headteacher Mrs S Moore
Head of School Mrs S Buttress
Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Orme
Deputy Headteacher Mr P Bellamy
Assistant Headteacher Mrs J Disdale
Assistant Headteacher Mrs H Gardner
Assistant Headteacher Miss L Ockwell
Assistant Headteacher Mr J Shore
Assistant Headteacher Miss K Swanson
Foundation Stage  
Pre-school Phase Leader Mrs J Disdale
Nursery Teacher Mrs J Disdale
Reception Teachers Mrs H Gardner - Year Leader
  Miss M Green
  Miss A Buckley (Maternity Cover)
Key Stage 1 Phase Leaders Miss K Swanson & Miss D Peck
Year 1 Teachers Miss D Peck  - Year Leader
  Mrs J Trafford
  Mrs K Wilson
  Mrs S Mitchell
  Miss J Sandfield
Year 2 Teachers Miss K Swanson- Year Leader
  Miss J Bergmann
  Mrs S Smith
Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leaders Miss L Ockwell & Mr L Revell
Year 3 Teachers Miss L Ockwell - Year Leader
  Miss A Worrall
  Mrs L Peat
Year 4 Teachers Mr L Revell - Year Leader
  Miss G Huggins
  Miss C Sidwell
Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leaders Mrs C Dickinson & Mr J Shore
Year 5 Teachers Mr J Shore - Year Leader
  Miss C Seymour
  Mrs V Youngs
  Mrs C Thomas
Year 6 Teachers Mrs C Dickinson- Year Leader
  Mrs L Orme
  Mrs A Goold
  Mrs M Anderson
Lead Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Mrs L Leafe
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Miss C Seymour
Child Protection Officer Mrs L Leafe
Assistant Mrs J Disdale
PE Leader Mrs C Ladley
Director of Music Mr P Emmett 
French Teacher Madame L Guise
Kids' Club Leader Miss S Christmass
Kindergarten Leader Miss S Christmass
Business Manager Mrs J Bates
Chief Financial Officer Mrs J King
Site Manager Mr M Pateman
Mid-day Supervisor Coordinator Mrs M Delaine-Smith
Trust Board  
Co-Chair Mr J Kirkman 
Co-Chair Mr D Pickering
Vice-Chair Mrs J Hilder 
Executive Headteacher Mrs S Moore 
  Father C Atkinson
  Mr S Haigh
  Mrs K Key
  Father P Lister
  Mr N Page 
Local Governing Board  
Chair Mrs J Hilder 
Vice-Chair Mr S Haigh 
Executive Headteacher Mrs S Moore 
Head of School Mrs S Buttress
  Mr C Bates
  Mr P Gandy
  Mrs L Holbrook
  Mrs S Kelby
  Mr J Kirkman
  Father P Lister
Clerk Mrs J Bates