Partnership Between Home and School

'Bourne Abbey is a very welcoming place, even we grandparents find this a fact which is borne out by the ease with which children settle and the confidence they exude.' Grandparent

We want our school to be a place where we can:

  • Value and respect each other
  • Care for others
  • Be honest and can be trusted
  • Be polite and considerate

School will then be a place where we can:

  • Learn to work together
  • Enjoy achievements
  • Find new friends
  • Feel safe and share ideas and problems

Working with the school

  • Make sure that your child attends school, arrives punctually and is collected punctually.
  • Come and talk with the class teacher regularly.
  • Make sure that the teacher knows about any home circumstances which may affect how your child behaves at school.
  • Ask the teacher what you can do to help at home.
  • Let the class teacher know if your child is worried or has any problems at school.
  • Make sure that your child wears uniform and has their P.E. kit at school.
  1. Home School Agreement Sept 18