Race Equality Statement

 Key Stage 1 PlaygroundWe develop positive relationships which enhance the education we provide for all our pupils.

The governors, teachers and staff at Bourne Abbey are opposed to racism in any form and are actively involved in challenging it in our school.  Racism is a practise or an attitude based on the belief that one race or culture is superior to another.  It exists in all areas of society including education and occurs in many forms.  Certain individuals or groups can be prevented from taking part fully in society and are denied opportunities and resources as others because of these practises and attitudes.

Policy Statement

Our aim and duty is to make promotion of race equality central to the way we work and to all areas of school life.

Meeting our duty will help us to:

  • Meet the needs of all children, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and raise educational standards.
  • Take specific action to tackle any differences between racial groups in their attainment levels and progress.
  • Take specific action to tackle any differences in the use of diciplinary measures between racial groups (such as exclusion), in admissions or in assessment.
  • Create a positive, inclusive approach, based on respect for peoples' differences and show commitment to challenging and preventing racism and discrimination.
  • Prepare our children to be full citizens in today's multi-ethnic society.
  • Make our workforce as representative as possible of the community we serve.
  • Ensure high staff morale and performance.
  • As far as possible avoid losing able staff.
  • Make full use of the skills and knowledge of people from different racial groups in our community (for example, in the classroom or as a member of the governing body).


    Year 5 have created a video called: "Show Racism the Red Card"