Religious Education

 Church ReadingWe are a school where all faiths are respected, protected and encouraged.

We believe that, as a  Church of England logo Church school, we are in a unique position to develop a clearer understanding of the ways in which Christian values can be reflected within the whole curriculum of the school.  In a world of confusion and shifting values, we know that children need an environment in which they can explore and form their own values and develop skills to deal with life's joys, sorrows and questions.  At Bourne Abbey we are committed to:

  1. Helping children to understand religious traditions of life and thought.
  2. Helping children to be sensitive to the questions life poses and to the great mystery and wonder underlying all human Year 3 pupils during Indian Day experience.  Whether they eventually accept or reject a religious way of life, they will at least know what they are accepting or rejecting and will have been made aware of the standards and values in religion.

Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy is inclusive and we welcome diversity.  All faiths are respected protected and encouraged and we are sensitive to the home background of every child.  However, parents can withdraw their children from all or part of Religious Education or Religious worship.  This can be discussed fully with teachers.