Special Education Needs

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Ofsted 2010

At Bourne Abbey we are committed to meeting the educational needs of all our pupils.  At times, some of our children will need additional support.  We will facilitate this by following these objectives:

  • Involve parents/carers as partners
  • Provide, provision for meeting pupils' special education needs, the setting and marking of work appropriate to the individual need of the child, and where necessary through the development of individual or group learning programmes.
  • Foster and maintain links with all outside agencies, education support services, secondary and special schools.
  • Initiate and facilitate staff development programmes concerned with special education needs.
  • Ensure that our school provides for access in line with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Roles of the Academy's Governing Body in matters relating to SEN:

The responsibility for arrangements to identify, assess and meet the special educational needs of the pupils rests with the governors.

The Governing Body must:

  • Do their best to secure that the necessary provision is made for any pupil who has special educational needs.
  • Ensure, where the Headteacher or the appropriate Governor has been informed by the LEA that a pupil has special educational needs, those needs are made known to all who are likely to teacher him/her.
  • Secure that the teachers in the school are aware of the importance of identifying and providing for those pupils who have special education needs.
  • Ensure that the pupils join in the activities of the school together with those pupils who do not have special educational needs, so far as that is reasonably practical.