Term 3 - Perseverance and Courage

Our Christian Value in Term 3 is Perseverance and Courage. Basic to Christian faith is the claim that God is always present in every situation. This belief has led to great acts of courage that have included facing danger and opposition, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere. Through Collective Worship and reflection, we will encourage our children to find the strength and be courageous. 

Through the Parable of The Lost Sheep, we will be encouraging the children to persevere, just like the shepherd did in the story when he lost his sheep. Just like the shepherd we will remind the children to:

Not give up easily

Try, try and try again

Stick at a task and see the job through to the end.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life--of whom shall I be afraid?”

                                                                                                       (Psalm 27:1) 


But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favour with God."

                                                                                                        (Luke 1:30)


"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can Man do to me?"

                                                                                                     (Hebrews 13:6) 


The children will be encouraged to reflect upon this value through Collective Worship.

Our beautiful Reflection Areas, which can be found in our classrooms; by the front office; along the Key Stage 1 corridor and by the Year 3 area, are the perfect place for reflection and quiet time.           


The Journey  of the Magi

This term we are reflecting on our Christian Value of Courage linked to Perseverance. Father Chris joined us on Monday 15th January 2018 to lead our KS1 and KS2 Collective Worships and to introduce our new Christian Value. We began by welcoming Jesus together and by beautifully singing “We Three Kings”. Once we had finished our hymn, Father Chris asked the KS1 Children “What is courage?” Lily in year 2 explained confidently that “Courage means to be brave and do something you might find hard.” Father Chris asked the KS2 children “What did the wise men look like?” Eleanor in year 3 said “I think they would have worn capes and crowns”. Father Chris explained that these men did look like kings, with their crowns and capes, however they weren’t just kings- they were extremely wise and intelligent men. Father Chris asked if anyone knew why these three men were so wise, Ellie in year 4 responded and said “The wise men were wise because they could read the stars.” Father Chris asked if anyone knew the professional name of someone who studied the stars, Ben in year 6 replied “We call someone who studies the stars and astrologist”.

Father Chris explained that the three ‘Magi’ or kings were from all different countries or continents around the globe; one king was from Ethiopia, another one was from the Middle East and another from Western Europe. Each king had an important job in their countries of origin, as studying the stars was a dependable job! Many People of God relied upon the kings to tell them: when to grow their crops, how many hours of sunlight a day farmers had to harvest or cultivate their yield and they even could tell the beginning of a new year. The wise men were extremely clever and had such an important role studying the stars.

One evening they were travelling together studying the stars when they spotted a special star. This didn’t look like any of the other stars the kings had come across before, so they decided to follow it. They travelled on a long and weary journey following the special star riding on camels. Father Chris explained that camels are important creatures for travelling and crucial for their journey as the camels could walk far distances for longer periods of time (although riding on a camel wouldn’t have been the comfiest of journeys for the kings) as they store lots of water in the humps on their backs. “Not only was this journey uncomfortable upon camels, but it was also a dangerous journey.” explained Father Chris.

Father Chris hinted that the kings would have needed something else along their dangerous journey to help the three kings further, instantly a year 5 child, Jodie, guessed “COURAGE!”

“What does Courage mean?” asked Father Chris to the KS2 children.


“I think it means to face your fears” -Alfie Year 4


“To be brave” – Emmanuel Year 6


“I think it means to be determined” – Alex Year 5


Father Chris agreed and said that he felt the Wise Men showed all of those traits.



The three kings met another king along their journey, Herod. Herod asked the three kings what they were doing and where they were traveling too. The kings told Herod that a baby was being born and we would be a great king! Herod told the kings to follow the star, find the baby and tell Herod exactly where he was as Herod was jealous. The three kings left Herod and continued on their way. Father Chris told us that the kings had a dream, when they stopped for a rest one day. He said that they were told in the dream not to tell King Herod where the baby was being born. Again, the kings showed great courage here as they disobeyed King Herod’s orders.

The story of ‘The Three Kings’ shows us the great courage the kings displayed as they had to leave the comfort of their own homes, travel through bad weather to strange new places and even managed to save Jesus’ life by warning everyone of King Herod.


“Like the three kings, we are all on a journey and all need to show courage sometimes along our way” Father Chris softly said to everyone. 

In life it can sometimes be hard to do the right thing like the Wise Men did, but when we encounter times of trouble or confusion we can look to God to provide us with the courage to persevere along the correct path. Whether this be to own up when we do something wrong, having to do difficult things or go through difficult times, admitting when we don’t know something or standing up for something we believe in, God will help us to find courage in all that we do.



Our year 2 Collective Worship Respresentatives explain how they show Courage and Perseverance in school.

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