Year 2

 Katie Morag DayEach child can achieve their maximum potential.

In Year Two, one of our main aims is to make each child more independent.  It is a vital year in preparation for the next Key Stage.

We aim to ensure that each child achieves his or her maximum potential, ready to move on into Key Stage 2.  This cannot be achieved in school  alone and we rely heavily on building a partnership with parents and carers.

Throughout the year we work on developing the children's ability to write sentences using capital letters and full stops accurately.  Other punctuation is also introduced.  The children are taught to develop their sentences by adding in more description and by using connectives.  They will experience writing in many different genres including stories, poems, instructions, letter, reports and much more.  During handwriting lessons the children practice using a joined style of writing.

Targets are set for each individual child and are a guide to things your child should be able to do by the end of year 2.  A target may be harder than it seems, e.g. a child who can count up to 100 may still have trouble saying the number that comes after 47 or which number comes before 50.  Using a huge variety of resources and different media your child will enjoy learning many aspects of numeracy.

At Bourne Abbey we adopt a cross-curricular approach by linking our subject areas enabling the children to cover each topic over three weeks.  In this way quality time is given to each theme fostering the children's enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject. 

If there is something your child is worried about, please contact your class teacher. Parents and Carers are always welcome in school, but due to our busy timetable, it is best to arrange to see us at the end of the school day if possible.


What an explosive end to our topic The Great Fire of London!

WOW! What an explosive end to Year 2's fascinating topic  - The Great Fire of London! On Friday 9th February, fire fighters of Bourne Fire and Rescue brought their shiny red fire engine onto the KS2 playground and set fire to Year 2’s Great Fire of London houses that were made as part of their homework!

They all watched in amazement as the fire crew set the children's houses ablaze with just a few sparks. Just like in the Year 2 assembly about The Great Fire of London, it only took one spark to set the fire alight, and as the wind took hold, the glowing orange flames began to jump from house to house! In no time at all, the fire was raging through the houses—just as it did back in 1666! When the fire fighter started to put out the roaring fire with his hose, all of Year 2 let out a loud cheer! Hooray! The fire died down, until all that was left of their houses was a pile of ash and dust!

The children and staff in Year 2 would like to thank the fire crew at Bourne Fire and Rescue for taking the time to help enhance the children’s learning of The Great Fire of London. They really did end their topic with a bang!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London and this experience was the perfect ending to their topic




Meerkat Mail!

This term we had a very special visitor  - Sunny the Meerkat from Meerkat Mail! We thought he would be ok in the jumper box, however, Sunny thought differently. We got to school on the morning of Monday 11th June to find he had gone! Not only that, when we got in from playtime, we discovered he had left us each a letter explaining where he had gone! He had decided to go to Elsea Park instead! The habitat we had provided for him wasn't meeting Sunny's needs. The lunch badges on our jumpers were prickling his fur and making him uncomfortable, no one was playing with him, he had nowhere to burrow and no beetles to eat for his lunch!

We just have to get Sunny back! So we have been writing persuasive letters to persuade Sunny to come back to Year 2 at Bourne Abbey. We have been carrying out lots of research about the habitat of a meerkat in science and looking up from his book what he really enjoys doing. We have explained to him in our letters that we can help him look for beetles in the field, we can let him dig a burrow in the sand in reception, he can play with us at playtime and he can daydream in the Reflection Area. We will make sure we show Sunny respect by following our 3Rs as well as humility and our other Christian Values, such as friendship and compassion. We have just finished editing our letters and writing them up in neat. We will post them to Elsea Park and we hope he will decide to come back!

Will Sunny come back? We hope so and we will keep you updated!